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Darin LaHood Launches First TV Ad

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Contact: Jim Reis
[email protected]


Peoria, IL – Darin LaHood’s campaign today released its first television ad for the 2015 special primary election that takes place on Tuesday, July 7th.The ad, titled “Conservative Leader”, outlines Darin LaHood’s proven conservative record of fighting for transparency, higher ethical standards for government and special interests, term limits, and Pat Quinn’s sixty-seven percent income tax hike. Darin will continue to push for these same conservative principles in Washington.

On transparency, higher ethical standards for government and special interests…Darin has authored and supported numerous pieces of ethics reform legislation for government officials and lobbyists. He introduced SB 3649, legislation that prohibits a sitting member of the Illinois legislation to become a lobbyist within one year of leaving office. Additional pieces of legislation supporting higher ethical standards are: SB 2263, SB 2265, SB 3646.

On term limits…Darin has been a long-time advocate for term limits in order to prevent career politicians on both sides of the aisle. He has introduced and/or supported SJRCA 41, SJRCA 19, SJRCA 69, all pieces of legislation that push for term limits in the Illinois General Assembly and the Executive Branch.

On Pat Quinn’s sixty-seven percent income tax hike…Darin has stood up to Pat Quinn’s income tax hike, not once but twice. Most recently, he was a sponsor of SR 1265, legislation that would prohibit a vote on taxes during a veto or lame duck session.

The ad begins today.

Click here to watch the ad.


I’m Darin LaHood.

In Springfield, I’ve worked to cut wasteful spending, led efforts to stop special interest giveaways and I fought Pat Quinn’s income tax hike.

Washington is in desperate need of conservative ideas and real reforms.

In Congress, I’ll work to stop the waste, bureaucracy, and special-interests that are holding our country back.

I’m Darin LaHood and I approve this message because for me, it’s not just talk – it’s my record.