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In advance of July 7 election, LaHood visits with leaders in Macomb

By Jacqueline Covey
Staff Reporter

MACOMB — Darin LaHood said he was a strong proponent for agriculture and higher education during a visit to Macomb on Tuesday.

The Republican candidate to fill the 18th Congressional District seat left vacant in March by Aaron Schock visited with Macomb leaders at Magnolia’s restaurant. Addressing the event, put on by Friends of Darin LaHood in advance of the July 7 election, he said, “Staying grounded and remembering who you work for is what I’ll do.”

Just like other local seat-holders, LaHood has kept agriculture and higher education issues at the forefront of discussion. During a brief question and answer portion, the state senator from Dunlap was asked about Amtrak funding, which he earlier called a “vital part” to this district.

To that, he said he continues to be a strong advocate for the rail, as it serves transportation not only to residents and university students, but for tourism to Macomb.

According to LaHood, west-central Illinoisans work hard, and love God and community, “but they want government to function well to allow people to prosper.”

However, Mary Brookhart, chairwoman for McDonough County Republicans, hopes LaHood can maneuver “avenues” to relieve pressure caused by declining job opportunity in the state.

“The main problem in our area in Illinois is getting rid of some of the regulations that are holding back independents, and business people. We really have to work on jobs throughout this area,” Brookhart said, adding that this is in LaHood’s interest.

LaHood said he wants to put a forward focus on Illinois’ and this district’s No. 1 industry: Agriculture.

In the past, he has received the farm bureau award in the most recent cycles with his senate district, and he promises to remain a strong advocator for agriculture.

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