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16th Congressional District County Republican Central Committee Chairs: Congressman LaHood has been endorsed by every Republican Central Committee Chair in the 16th District

Tim Ruestman Woodford County

Eli Nicolosi Winnebago County

Jim Rule Tazewell County

Andrew Chesney Stephenson County

Mike Bigger Stark County

Jaye DeBates Putnam County

Steve Morris Peoria County

Stacy Flanagan Ogle County

Connie Beard McLean County

Tyler Wilke McHenry County

Charles Owen Marshall County

Kelly Kinate Livingston County

Jim Schielein Lee County

Larry Smith LaSalle County

Michael Dittmar Jo Daviess County

Owen Castanza Boone County

Barry Welbers Bureau County

Tim Bagby DeKalb County

Jeff Orr Ford County

Aren Hansen Grundy County

Jan Weber Henry County

16th Congressional District General Assembly Members: Congressman LaHood has been endorsed by every Republican Member of the Illinois General Assembly in the 16th District

Rep. Tom Bennett (IL-106)

Rep. Dan Brady (IL-100)

Rep. Mark Luft (IL-93)

Rep. Andrew Chesney (IL-90)

Rep. Tony McCombie (IL-89)

Rep. Dan Caulkins (IL-88)

Rep. Keith Sommer (IL-87)

Rep. David Welter (IL-75)

Rep. Tom Demmer (IL-74)

Rep. Ryan Spain (IL-73)

Rep. Dan Swanson (IL-71)

Rep. Jeff Keicher (IL-70)

Rep. Joe Sosnowski (IL-69)

Sen. Jason Barickman (IL-53)

Sen. Chapin Rose (IL-51)

Sen. Neil Anderson (IL-47)

Sen. Tim Bivins (IL-45 retired)

Sen. Brian Stewart (IL-45)

Sen. Sally Turner (IL-44)

Sen. Sue Rezin (IL-38)

Sen. Win Stoller (IL-37)

Mayor Mike Thoms (IL-36 candidate)

Sen. Dave Syverson (IL-35)

Sen. Craig Wilcox (IL-32)